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Telling Our Story: Getting To Know TriSight’s New Co-Presidents

Telling Our Story

Hello TriSight members! I’m Laura Davenport, one of your 2015 TriSight co-presidents. I’m thrilled and excited not only to be leading an incredible leadership team in our executive board, but also to getting to know all of you, and working with you on our many projects. I thought since nowadays public relations is all about story-telling, I’d tell you all a little of mine. It’ll help you get to know me a little better and understand why I am in PR and in TriSight.

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Apply Today to Join TriSight’s E-Board!!!

It’s finally that time again! Starting today, E-board applications for the next school year are being accepted.  All applications must be received by Friday, Oct. 31, 2014.  Submit your resume and a short cover letter to [email protected] to apply for a position.  If you’re curious about applying but not sure just what is involved with each position, make sure to read this explanation of the TriSight E-board Roles.  Each role has the current president or vice president’s information listed, so feel free to contact whomever holds the role you’re curious about!

For more information, please email [email protected].

Good luck to all who apply!





New Additions to the TriSight Leadership

TriSight Communications is excited to announce the additions of the positions of VP of External Relations and VP of Business Development to the executive board.  We’ve also added a Director of Digital Media to our leadership as well!  Each of these          positions will help TriSight become the best possible student-run PR firm and we can’t wait to see all of the great things to come! Continue reading