Meet Aaron Wong- TriSight’s latest Member of the Month

TriSight Communication’s second Member of the Month is AISMS team member Aaron Wong. Majoring in Communications and set to graduate in Fall 2015, Aaron’s favorite part about going to school in Los Angeles is the weather. In addition to working on the AISMS account, Aaron has also been a referee for Intramural Sports at USC.  Congratulations Aaron!


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1.  What excited you the most about working with the AISMS team?

The prospect of learning more about PR, particularly the planning side.



2.  What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned working with the AISMS team? What would you consider to be the biggest challenge?

Learning to work in a team, I think before I was able to work with people I met with often, but with the team being so busy and so diverse, it was a challenge coordinating schedules.


USC Alumni Assoc


3.  Is this your first experience working in PR?

Yes actually.  It’s been quite exciting.


4.  What’s your favorite part about being an Annenberg student?

Just finally doing something I enjoy, I entered USC as a Physics Major, but I quickly found out that it was not for me.




5.  Dream job or company to work for in the future? 

Dream job would either be working in advertising or owning a restaurant.


6.  As TriSight is a PR organization, it’s almost a given that coffee will be involved.  Since you’re currently on the AISMS account, this question has to be sports related- if you could have coffee with any professional athlete (living or dead), who would it be and why?

Either Kobe Bryant or Jeremy Lin. Kobe Bryant as he’s always been one of my favorite athletes, and finding out what he has planned after retiring from the NBA (though I doubt he’s even given it a thought, due to his highly competitive nature). Jeremy Lin as he is one of the leading Asian athletes in the nation, and it would be fantastic to pick his brain on the whole “Linsanity” situation, and discussing his rise to “stardom” and what he’s doing globally as one of the few Asians to be playing basketball at the highest level.


*Special thanks to Fred Lee of the Digital Team for creating Aaron’s Member of the Month video!

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